Two Italy disposable plastic tableware manufacturers jointly acquired its Iberian partner in Spain long-term partner.
Italy is located in the west of DOpla S.p.A. sur Casale and Fontanella Tor FLO S.p.A. is a family enterprise, wholly owned             jointly acquired Nupik Internacional, including its suburbs in Barcelona Polinya factory.
    PP cups and other catering disposable items
    Three parties did not disclose the transaction price, but the transaction makes the overall turnover of the three companies rose to about Euro 400 million. According to reports, last year's annual turnover of more than 70 million euros Nupik, pre tax profit of about EUR 7 million.
     Nupik has an area of 22 thousand square meters factory, specializing in the production of PP glass and a variety of food service products, including biodegradable cups and plates.
      DOpla was founded in 1964 by the Levada family operation, in the vicinity of Venice province Manfu Casale and Foggia             Seeley sur Laiduo, each have a factory, at the same time in Western Czech Su s ice also has a factory.
FLO operated by the Simonazzi family recently held a 40 anniversary celebration. The company specializes in the production of vending machines and office beverage cups, and other food disposable supplies.
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